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[Apr. 17th, 2013|11:52 am]
Faerie Art Club


Hello, all.  :)  I joined up with this group a few days ago, and thought I'd introduce myself and share one of my recent pieces.

I go by Amyla, and have been creating art for years.  I've loved the whimsy, mystery, and slightly (or very, depending on which myths you're referring to) sinister feel that the old faery legends are steeped in, and find it endlessly inspiring for my artwork.

This is my latest piece, "Trickster."  The link leads to the image on Deviantart, where you can enlarge it.

The Trickster plays mind games, bends the line of demarcation between reality and fantasy, truth and lie, layers upon layers of facts within fictions, reflects one into the other and back again.