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Hello, all.  :)  I joined up with this group a few days ago, and thought I'd introduce myself and share one of my recent pieces.

I go by Amyla, and have been creating art for years.  I've loved the whimsy, mystery, and slightly (or very, depending on which myths you're referring to) sinister feel that the old faery legends are steeped in, and find it endlessly inspiring for my artwork.

This is my latest piece, "Trickster."  The link leads to the image on Deviantart, where you can enlarge it.

The Trickster plays mind games, bends the line of demarcation between reality and fantasy, truth and lie, layers upon layers of facts within fictions, reflects one into the other and back again.

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lush green

Hear is a new painting I finished today. I have been working on this one on and of for absolutly ages so I'm very pleased to finally finish her. I'm calling it "Lush green" for now.  Acrylic on canvas, about 45cm x 30cm (about).



I bought a new camera since I opened my Etsy store and love the cool pictures I can take of my faerie dolls with it! Come meet Wisteria! She's lazy, pouty and sometimes prone to being a saucy minx around boys, but she can be relied upon to keep your makeup in order and is an excellent pointer-outer of jeans that make your hips look big -

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ely and snail


Hello again.
I mostly paint in acrylics but i have bean experimenting with watercolors lately. I like how fast it is to paint with them. this little painting is done with watercolors and coloredpencils and pen. I wasnt very happy with how the pen went on over the watercolor, it often picked up the paint and stopped working. I think that because its so humid here the paint takes longer to dry properly but waiting 3 days is a drag. I know that watercolor is a popular medium on this blog so any tips would be appreciated.

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New Art

Made for Novembers Enchanted Visions project:)

Geimhreadh(old Irish(Gealic)for Winter)
9X12 Watercolours

The name can be pronounced a few different ways:(Gee-Ruh, Geye-ruh, Gev-roo)

Thanks for looking:)