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Lil critters

This is another recent painting of mine, its called "Tiggy tag". Tese little guys live in the scrub and in overgrown gardens but they are hard to see becouse they are very quick.

Green Mushroom

A Tree Spirit

I've tried to draw a Devas,  an elemental spirit who takes care of some aspect of Nature, may it be a tree, a flower or a landscape. The tree she belongs to, it's up to everyone's imagination.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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New Art

Aceo(2 1/2 X 3 1/2)
Untitled, I just can't seem to think of a name for her!! it's driving me bonkers:)
watercolour,ink,coloured pencil

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New Art

Rhoslyn and the Unicorn
9X12 Watercolour,ink,coloured pencil

I know different:) but I'm pretty happy with her! I loved working on her dress!!! FUN!:)

I hope you all enjoy:) prints will be available on my site in a few months(I know! show season though, it takes alot outta you) but I will post her soon on Etsy.

For any that live in Ontario Canada I will have prints at the shows starting with Enchanted Ground this weekend at Riverside Park in Guelph! yay!!! it looks to be good weather wise so I hope to see you all there! Stop by and say hi!!!



Well after a lot of scanning issues, which never got toally worked out, I finally have my newest painting to show.

I'm starting to do a gemstone series, but as a jeweller I didn't want to go with birthstones like so many people use, especially when there are so many gemstones out there.

This is Iolite, Watercolour on Aquaboard.

Iolite, is a lovely red head who wears the violet stone to enhace her visions.

ely and snail


If anyone is in Darwin on June 4th please feel free to come to the opening of my show "critters" at DVAA / Frogs hollow center for the arts, 6pm. would love to see you there