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faerie_art_club's Journal

Faerie Art Club
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Fantasy and faery/fairy related art and creations
Welcome to the art club for fantasy and fairy theme :)

We want to keep this a happy, friendly community so please read and respect the rules before posting!

- This is community that is dedicated to nature spirits in general :) and of course and first of all fairies....if you would like a more specific definition of FAERY here it is: "fairy, in folklore, one of a variety of supernatural beings endowed with the powers of magic and enchantment. Belief in fairies has existed from earliest times, and literatures all over the world have tales of fairies and their relations with humans. Some Christians have said that fairies were the ancestors of the ancient pagan gods, who, having been replaced by newer deities, were therefore hostile. Others thought that fairies were nature deities, similar to the Greek nymphs. Still others identified fairies with the souls of the dead, particularly the unbaptized, or with fallen angels. Among their many guises, fairies have been described as tiny, wizen-faced old men, like the Irish leprechaun; as beautiful enchantresses who wooed men to their deaths, like Morgan le Fay and the Lorelei; and as hideous, man-eating giants, like the ogre.
Fairies were frequently supposed to reside in a kingdom of their own—which might be underground, e.g., gnomes; in the sea, e.g., mermaids; in an enchanted part of the forest; or in some far land. Sometimes they were ruled by a king or queen, as were the trolls in Ibsen's Peer Gynt and the fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Although fairies were usually represented as mischievous, capricious, and even demonic, they could also be loving and bountiful, as the fairy godmother in Cinderella. Sometimes fairies entered into love affairs with mortals, but usually such liaisons involved some restriction or compact and frequently ended in calamity, as did those of Melusine and Undine. Various peoples have emphasized particular kinds of fairies in their folklore, such as the Arabic jinni, Scandinavian troll, Germanic elf, and English pixie. Among the great adapters of fairy lore into popular fairy tales were Charles Perrault, the brothers Grimm, and Hans Christian Andersen. Other notable contributors were Andrew Lang and James Stephens."

If you still unsure if your creation is fitting this community - please send a message to elfies before posting it.

- All art posted here must be properly credited to the artist, and posting copyrighted material without permission in this club is forbidden.

- Please dont be rude in your posts or comments!

- No plugging off topic communities/auctions/sites! Please keep the creation belongs to the faery/fantasy theme! We will have to delete unrelated posts.

- If you post more than one or large images, please use the LJ-cut.

- You are welcome to post about your faery related auctions here.

- No quiz-results!!!

Community run by elfies.

Current user icon by elfies

Please notice that our icon and background will be changing every couple of month - if you would like to be a creator of next one - please contact elfies.

Artistic links if you would like your link to be added here - please email to elfies.